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6 Challenges For Multi Combination Truck Drivers in Australia

For MC driver jobs in Sydney, you would have to be an experienced trucker, with at least 5 years in the industry. However, any proper assignments for MC truck jobs in Sydney will only be available on registered trucking / driver portals, and are rather rare to come across.

Here are 6 common On Road challenges for truck drivers when driving across Australia -

1. Bad Roads

Multi Combination Vehicles like Road Trains and Double B vehicles are extremely heavy vehicles with more than 3 axles and two separate compartments. Not all roads are suitably prepared to make it easy on the driver! When you accept any professional MC driver jobs in Sydney or any other places of Australia, be sure to research and prepare for bad road conditions on certain stretches of the route; and also ensure that the vehicle is prepared for such rough conditions!

2. Difficult Routes

Some routes are confusing to a driver new to that particular route, while some roads are not wide enough to allow a large Multi Combination vehicle to pass smoothly! These difficult routes are one of the factors that you have to be aware of when accepting MC truck jobs in Sydney (or elsewhere Down Under!) Make sure that you study the route for alternate passes and highways you can take to make driving such a huge vehicle easier.

3. Vehicle Problems

Whether you're driving a small "Light Rigid" truck / bus or a massive Multi Combination vehicle; one of the most important factors important for professional truckers is the condition of their vehicles. Any commercial vehicle has to be well maintained and prepared for long journeys, and this is the responsibility of the transport company or truck owner. If you are a contractual truckie accepting any MC driver jobs (Sydney or otherwise); make sure that the assigned vehicle has no pending service issues or problems which would hamper your long journey. If you own the vehicle, make sure that it is always maintained and well serviced for the road!

4. Security and Safety

Security and safety is of primary concern, and though the police are there for your safety across the highways Down Under; on MC truck jobs (Sydney or elsewhere), you should be extra careful since you're obviously carrying extremely expensive commercial cargo! Multi Combination vehicles are especially prone to hijacking and robbery because they are easy to board on to do harm or even for general mischief mongers seeking cheap thrills!

5. Obtaining Assignments

Register with an online portal for the best MC driver jobs from Sydney or any other big city of Australia. MC permits are only for the most experienced truck drivers in Australia; and obtaining assignments need to be thoroughly professional and are not easy to come across! A recognized online portal will not only have authentic assignments; but also ensure that the cargo is not illicit, or such professional issues commonly faced by contractual truckers!

6. Weather and Unforeseen Circumstances

Multi Combination vehicles are much more vulnerable to heavy winds and stormy conditions because they have two or more separate compartments joined by separate axles. Though all professional drivers on MC truck jobs in Sydney will have experience in driving through rough weather; do know that being a coastal area, the Sydney Bay is prone to heavy storms and winds - especially cyclones in Summer and dust storms in Winter!

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