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How to become a Truck Driver

With its vital role in Australia's economy, the trucking industry is seen to continuously progress. There is also a growth in the demand for truck driving jobs in the country as more and more individuals, both men and women make truck driving as a good career option. On the other hand, a number of companies in various industries increasingly hire truck drivers.

However, this type of job is still not for everyone, truck drivers in Australia have specific job roles, duties and responsibilities which require specific skills set and qualifications that may involve the physical, emotional and psychological capabilities of an individual. There are also particular requirements like licenses that are mandatory for truck driving as prescribed in the regulations imposed by the government.

The following are the requirements needed before, as well as when performing their job as truck drivers in Brisbane Australia:

  • Getting a heavy vehicle license

Here is a guide in how to upgrade your current driver's license to drive a heavy vehicle:

1. Check the classes for the heavy vehicle license and the minimum driving experience requirement for the license that you need.
** LR and MR Class Licenses - light or medium rigid vehicles
** HR and MC Class Licenses - heavy rigid or heavy combination
** MC Class License - multi-combination

2. If you hold a current driver's license and meet the minimum driving experience requirements for the desired license class, you can drive a motor vehicle of that class without a learner's permit, but only under learner's permit conditions and laws.

3. If you do not meet the minimum driving experience requirements for the desired license class, you may be able to obtain a learner's permit for that class by applying for an exemption or restricted license, or by passing a training-in-lieu-experience course.

  • Decide on what type of trucking industry

Evaluate the different industries and categories of truck driving jobs. Decide which is best for you based on your experience level and training. The different types of truck drivers define what type of trucks you will drive and what are your specific duties and responsibilities. From there you apply to the available options. This is important as this will affect your overall performance. Do not apply to something you are not sure that you can do. You will have greater risks and may possibly encounter work-related dangers in such case.

  • Get trainings and education

Truck drivers can be hired without any formal training or education. But those who have will tend to have greater advantage in terms of compensation, benefits, position level, as well as working conditions. Some trainings are related to the licenses that you are acquiring or to the specific job type you choose. There are a number of schools and training institutes that offer a variety of courses for truck driving. Some employers provide workshops and seminars to their drivers that would cover transportation regulations, safety procedures or machines and technology familiarization, and other fields such as legal, financial, management and operational areas of truck driving.

  • Have enough experience

Truck drivers who have enough experience and extensive knowledge are the ones who are in demand in the industry, especially if you have a good track record from the previous companies you had. This will give you a lead ahead of the others. Usually, those at this level are the ones being sent on regional and nationwide travel or long-haul. They are already familiar with the vehicle, and other equipment needed for truck driving at the same time the ones who can already adapt in various conditions and know what to do when faced with certain truck driving situations, problems or issues.

  • Other knowledge, skills and attributes

These do not come last, but may be the primary and most basic knowledge, skills and attributes of a truck driver, which are practically self-explanatory:
** Has an aptitude for mechanics
** Enjoy practical work
** Be physically fit
** Has good driving skills

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