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Don't Get High: Illegal Drugs and Driving

Like drunk driving, it is illegal for drivers of heavy vehicles to drive under the influence of drugs. There are many kinds of illicit drugs that drivers of any type of vehicles should not take before or while driving. These drugs at any level can affect all of your driving skills and your ability to drive safely. The result may cause injury or death not just to yourself but to other innocent people on the road.

When caught driving under the influence of drugs, you are to comply for a blood or urine test for drug analysis. This is usually conducted at a police station, in which samples of blood or urine will be taken by a nurse or a medical practitioner. If you refuse to comply to this protocol, an offence may already be charged to you. If convicted, you may be fined and a period of license disqualification or suspension, which means that you are not allowed to drive for a period of time specified by the court.

Illegal Drugs that may Affect Driving

The following are the illegal drugs that may impair the driving skills of any driver. For instance, MR truck drivers , HC truck drivers local etc. When tested to be positive under the influence of these drugs, the said penalties may be imposed to the driver.

  • Marijuana, also called hash or weed

This type of drug may relax you but it negatively affects your perception of time and speed. It may also alter your alertness and concentration, your ability to read signs, to track objects with your eyes and to judge positions. Also, cannabis or marijuana may increase your sensory awareness but may simultaneously remove your body's ability to process those senses. This can lead to panic attacks, anxiety and over reactions. The longer you use this drug may also lead to short-term memory loss.

  • Opiates, such as methadone and heroin

Opiates are also depressants which may cause visual impairment, mental confusion, drowsiness and dulled reaction times. As a downer, it could make you fall asleep while driving which could result to road accidents or other mishaps.

  • Hallucinogenic drugs, which include LSD, PCP, magic mushrooms and ketamine

This type of drugs may cause hallucinations, or symptoms of seeing things that are not there. This may be dangerous to driving as it can reduce your coordination and reaction time, blur your vision and impair your thinking process.

Meanwhile, LSD may cause an over-production of certain chemicals which creates confusion and over-stimulation in the brain leading to panic attacks.

  • Stimulants or cocaine, amphetamines, and ecstasy

Stimulants when taken can accelerate your central nervous system. They can make you more aggressive and more likely to take risks, as well as make it difficult to concentrate. Same as hallucinogenic drugs, they can cause hallucinations, in which your perception about where things are on the road can be altered. They can cause blurry or limited vision, and make you believe that you are much better at driving than you are.

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