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From Casual to Career: A Guide for Truckies

From Casual to Career: A Guide for Truckies


For most truck drivers, a full time position in the industry is the ideal. With a dependable schedule and the security of a permanent position behind you, it’s a great situation to be in. But if a full time role is your goal, does that mean you should not consider casual positions as well? For the smart and career-minded truckie, accepting casual work can be a perfect way to climb the career ladder.


Building Your Reputation

Casual positions for truck drivers can provide a great “in” with a company. In many ways, these flexible roles allow an employer to give you a trial run. Instead of just an interview, you get to show your skills in real time. The very word casual suggests an employment relationship which is not formal. While casual work is still important work, it does not come with the same benefits and longevity expected in a permanent role.


Are you hoping to turn casual work into potential full-time employment? The key is to treat your casual appointment with the seriousness it deserves. Working casually allows you to demonstrate your dedication and skill to your employer, almost like an advertisement of yourself. If you show up on-time and give each task 100% commitment and focus, you will make an excellent impression on your employer. Consistent effort and excellence will pay off. You’ll be known as a truckie who brings quality and conscientiousness to their work. And when a full-time opening occurs, guess who is likely to be first in line for consideration? You.


Testing the Waters

Casual truck driving work has its advantages for you as well. Before committing fully to one company, working casually gives you a chance to take an employer for a “test drive.” The goal of a working relationship is for both parties to be happy. If you keep an open mind during your casual role, you’ll be able to objectively assess the organisation and decide if it’s a place you’d truly like to work long-term. If you accept various casual work roles, over time you’ll also get a sampling of the different opportunities out there. This can help you to develop your personal career objectives as a truck driver and pursue exactly what will make you happy.


Let Your Employer Know Your Goals

If you find an excellent casual truck driving job that you are enjoying, go ahead and let your employer know your ultimate intentions. After a decent period of performing your best work, it’s perfectly acceptable to make your employer aware that you would be glad to be considered for any full time positions that may be opening up. With your recent top grade effort in their mind, this subtle sharing of your goals plants the seed for your name to be remembered. This is an important tip for ensuring you receive first consideration when it comes to possible full time availability.


Design Your Life

The best careers don’t always follow the traditional path. In fact, many successful people find that doing things their own way or trying an unconventional approach is exactly what they need to achieve their dreams. Casual truckie work may be just what you’ve been looking for on the path to career accomplishment.
Article by Australian Credit Acceptance, the Truck Finance experts.

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