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Getting the “In” You Deserve as a Truck Driver

There is no doubt that the job market can be a competitive place. Even when you have all the right skills, licenses, certifications, experience, and other factors in place, you might not get the job. What is a talented truckie to do?

As a truck driver, there are many opportunities for career success in Australia. This vast country relies heavily on transport and so there seems to be an endless number of openings. But you’re a career-minded individual, and you don’t want to settle for just any job. Perhaps you are looking for the ideal role to suit your lifestyle. In this case, you’ll need to get smart. Here’s how to get the “in” you deserve in the trucking industry.

Understand the Industry

In virtually any field of work there exists a hidden job market. It may come as surprise, but a vast majority of jobs are filled without any advertising whatsoever. This is true not only in the Australian truck driving industry, but in countless others as well. Internal promotions are often the reason behind this, with many companies choosing to turn their casual or part-time workers into full-time employees or to promote an existing employee to a higher position. This type of recruitment is easier and often more cost-effective for businesses and also eliminates the need for a lengthy candidate search.

Knowing this about your profession means that you can’t sit back and let the jobs come to you. Advertisements on the web and in other publications may introduce you to certain openings, but the very best roles---those you most likely are aiming to obtain---are quite often available only to those who have an “in.”

Be Proactive About Your Career

Your ultimate success is in your own hands. A truck driver frequently operates as an independent contractor or other one-person organisation. This may mean you need to act as your own best advocate. Take advantage of all growth opportunities in your industry. Work with truckie recruiters who can connect you to the best companies. Consider becoming an owner-driver by purchasing and managing your own truck. The options are varied and abundant, but the first step is remaining proactive about getting your name out there---and even about creating your own opportunities.

Seize Your “In”

Your chance to further your truck driving career may not always come in the package you expect. Therefore, it’s wise to stay alert and seize any opportunity that may come your way. See an opening for a casual position with a great trucking company? Why not jump in and grab it? When the time comes for them to hire for a full time role, the first place the company will look is internally. As a skilled, quality employee, you’ve got your “in” right there. Stay flexible when searching for work, and you might find the ideal situation falls right into your lap.

As you work in various roles and meet other truckies, remember to build connections. Industries can be small and insular, and having a positive relationship with others can take you far. Avoid burning bridges when at all possible. These connections will be incredibly helpful. Your name might be recommended for a position by a trucking acquaintance or former colleague, or you may hear about an opening from a connection as well. When a manager decides to hire new staff, it’s very common to ask current employees for recommendations of who to hire. Do they have a friend? If that friend is unavailable, perhaps there is a friend of a friend? Eventually, the chain of recommendations might lead to employing a worker who is brand new to the trucking industry. In this way, some truckies have a great chance to get an induction into the industry from the ground up.

Get Your Name Out There

At every level of your career, it is a smart move to get your name out there in the industry.
Consider utilising the resources and reach of sites like where employers can find the most suitable driver for their requirements right at their fingertips. The total process is completed in minutes. With the website as a resource plus our major reach on Facebook, we can get you where you need to go. And with these tips under your belt, you’ll easily find your “in” and be on the road to the trucking career you desire.

Article thanks to Australian Credit Acceptance.

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