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Industry Spotlight: Forklift Driving in Sydney

Forklift drivers are high in demand in Sydney. As a commercial hub, there is a constant need for Forklift Drivers to work on shipping yards, warehouses, lumberyards and most commercial businesses.

What do you do as a Forklift Driver?

  • Unload trucks
  • Inspect and maintain machinery
  • Unstack items and load onto shipping vehicles and vessels
  • Use controls to raise and lower forks, align forklift with loads
  • Manage warehouse stock and move as required
  • Move heavy loads

Where will I work?
As a Forkie you will be driving both indoors and outdoors, depending on the job. Forklift drivers must work indoors in large warehouses and factories. Others work outdoors at shipping yards and the wharf. Unfortunately an occupational hazard of the role is that you will have to deal with a lot of dust which may leave you with a bad cough if you don’t wear a mas when required.

So what can you earn?
As a qualified Forklift Driver you can earn great money.
Your starting salary as a ‘Forkie’ is $40,000 per annum, which ranges up to a $57,000 salary as a Senior Driver. Your exact salary will range depending on your experience, the employer, the type of work you will doing and where you work. Nationally, 25.7% of Forklift Driving Jobs are found in Sydney! This is second only to Victoria, where 32.8% of forklift driver jobs are found.

Whilst most drivers will work an average of 39.5 hours, many drivers take on more hours to top up their salary. By combining regular shifts with overtime and evening or weekend work and earn significantly more.

Nationally, there are approximately 65,000 Forklift Drivers and Forklift Driving Jobs. Whilst there career is under threat from robotics and automation there are still a significant number of jobs that cannot be automated as they require real human skill and care. As such industry growth (based on current and past demands) is projected to continue to grow at 8% per annum through to 2017.

Where will I work?
In Sydney Forklift Drivers could be required anywhere, including North Sydney, West Sydney, East Sydney and South Sydney, however there are some roles found in the CBD!

Whilst both males and females work as forklift drivers, the majority are male, with 90.7% of roles taken by men in full time employment. Males working part time make up 5.9% of the industry. Females working full time and part time make up the remaining 3.5%.

What do you need to get started?
The industry in Sydney is very fast paced, so to be a highly sought after driver you must be able to follow instructions and pay attention for long periods of time. You must be able to monitor operations and machinery, have an understanding of health and safety regulations and of course have your forklift licence.

Career Prospects
In Sydney Forklift Drivers may work full time for one employer, or work on a contract basis for an agency and as such will need local knowledge of the Sydney area so that they can estimate driving times to work and ensure they arrive on time for their shifts.

Working as a forklift driver in Sydney is a very important job and if you are late or unreliable you simply wont get called back for jobs. If you take it seriously there are even contests for Forklift operators, and for the best in the business many get to travel and are paid handsomely for their skills, and will be entrusted with moving more valuable stock or strange items.

Long term, a career as a Forklift Driver has great prospects. You may end up managing a Warehouse, or move into a related role as a Crane Operator, Fork Truck Operator, Forklift Operator, Forklift Technician, Furniture Removalist or Warehouse Manager.

So if this sounds interesting to you, and you have your qualifications and are ready to find work in Sydney then browse our Forklift Driving Jobs now!

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