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MR Local vs. MR Longhaul: What you need to know


So, you’re an MR Truck Driver. Obviously you have jumped through a few hoops by getting trained, qualified and several hours of experience under your belt. Bloody brilliant! now for the fun part - choosing where and how you want to work

Now there are obviously two options for an MR Truck Driver. You can be a Local Truck Driver or a Changeover Driver. The point of this article is not to say what’s better, because only you know what floats your boat. seo analysis . We are writing this article to give you a bit more information so that you can make an educated choice about the type of work that will not only pay the bills but also work for you and your lifestyle.

As a local truck driver, you are required to drive around your local area making deliveries. This could be depot to depot, or it could be depot to destination, or destination to destination. private cloud Air distance calculator It all depends on the job. Either way there are a few similarities between local driver jobs to keep in mind:

  1. You will need a Ninja’s Black Belt in Parking and Reversing.
  2. Driving around cities in a truck is like working as an overweight tunnel explorer. You are going to need determination to get through those tight corners and turns!
  3. You will spend more time staring into traffic than staring into the sunrise. But
  4. before you give up on Local Driver jobs, just remember that there are some jobs where you work against the traffic, so don’t give up just yet.
  5. You get to go home to your family and friends every night. Which could be
  6. good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much you like home time!
  7. Make sure you understand your awards and pay rates, so that you know how quickly you have to work to earn a good dollar! If not, you might end up with unpaid hours that most likely you want for yourself.

And what about being a Long Haul Driver? It sounds romantic to some! Who doesn’t love the idea of being out on the open road, music blaring and getting paid to travel? It can be an amazing opportunity, but keep in mind that you there are some challenges to being a Long Haul Driver:

  1. You are often working on tight deadlines, long hours and impossible schedules to keep your employer happy. For you that means extra stress or pressure to make unsafe road decisions such as driving when tired.
  2. You will be away from home for days and weeks at a time, so you have to be fiercely independent to enjoy that sort of working environment. Of course you do get the opportunity to chat to fellow truck drivers at truck stops but its not quite the same as seeing your old mates or family.
  3. Food choices can be limited. Its no surprise many truck drivers gain a fair amount weight when they start working as a Truck Driver on Long Haul journeys. When your Truck stop options are Burgers, Fries and Pizza or starvation, you end up being forced to eat fatty Fast Food on the go.
  4. Some Truck Drivers refuse to travel certain routes because of the road conditions. Do your research before you accept the journey and make sure you wont be stuck on bad roads.
  5. Finally whether you decide to drive Long Haul or Local the most important thing to check for is the reputation of your prospective employer. Do they look after their trucks, their drivers and their equipment? Do they have a solid safety record?

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