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Parking Tips for Truck Drivers

So you are finally off from the traffic congested roadway and have parked your truck at the truck stop. But, wait! You might not be as safe as you had thought. A large number of truck accidents tend to occur at the truck stops which you usually assume to be the safest place to park. Parking is not as easy as it appears and it requires on hands expertise to handle such a big vehicle and place it at the right spot:
Below are a few tips to for parking a truck that you can follow when you join mc driver jobs, Melbourne:

1. Pre-plan your entire route so that you know where you will be stopping and where you can park your truck. Always park your vehicle in a well-lit area and choose you to stop by yourself.

2. Plan to take care of everything that you will require at the truck stop where you are going for the first time after HC driver jobs Melbourne. Don't depend on others.

3. Don't underestimate the power of rest area. Not only the rest of the area is easier to access but they also allow the trucks to pull up through the spot but also keep away the chances of accidents.

4. Avoid parking your truck at the end of the row. Not only there will be loads of traffic crossing next to you but also a large number of drivers tend to park at the end of spot that is closest. Avoiding the parking at the end helps you to avoid the drivers who are lining their vehicle at the end.

5. Avoid any such spot that will force you to back out when you will leave. Choose any spot that you can pull through or back into.

6. Also, you must avoid parking at a location where the trucks across you will be required to back out from their spot. Since they will be backing blindly, you are preparing yourself for a recipe for disaster.

7. If the spot you have chosen is next to a vehicle that is parked odd, over the line or angled to the trailer for some reason then it's better to give it a second thought and move to a new spot. In case, you don't find a new spot then don't be afraid to write your name and contact number on the vehicle.

8. Park the truck and trailer straight to reduce the area other have to hit in while backing.

9. Try to park where there is lot of space around, usually at the end. Think safe and convenient. No need to imitate a super driver anyways!

10. Use your 4 ways when you are pulling and backing up through the lot. People, usually at truck parking, are tired and inattentive. Your peripheral vision will increase the chances of getting noticed. Use your horns wherever needed so that the other persons gets to know that you are there.

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