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Safe Driving Tips for Sydney Truck Drivers

Life as a Sydney Truck Driver is not easy. You are often required to work long hours and deal with Sydney traffic, which can be exhausting. It can be easy to get distracted, succumb to micro sleeps or have an accident on the road.

So to keep you safe on the road we have put together the top 15 tips for safe driving:

    • Firstly, let Voicemail answer the call for you: You don’t always have to answer your phone when it rings. Let your phone calls go to message Bank and return the calls when it is safe to do so.
  • If you have to take a call on the road, always use hands free. In Australia it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving so make sure you use a hands free device if you must take a call. In Sydney, many Truck Driving Jobs will provide you with a hands free kit built in to the vehicle, which should make the process of receiving calls much safer.
  • Never text and drive: this is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. Even if you are stationary behind the wheel you are still not safe to text, as you should always be aware of what’s happening on the road. The same goes for taking notes, looking up phone numbers or reading SMS messages.
  • Plan your trip and rest breaks: As it is hard to find good Truck Stop locations in Sydney, you should always think ahead about your journey and if possible map your trip with locations for breaks and stops. Proper breaks are an important part of managing fatigue on the road.
  • Tell drivers you are on the phone: if you do have to take a call always let the person you are speaking to know that you are driving and that you may not be available to talk immediately.
  • Take extra care in heavy traffic or bad weather or poor road conditions. Bad weather causes 25% more accidents so cut down your speed on wet, snowy or icy roads. You should be extra vigilant on the road in these conditions and always ensure you maintain a safe distance between yourself and the car in front especially in Sydney traffic where the traffic can make drivers erratic.
  • Ensure you avoid emotional conversations on the road and avoid driving when you are upset. If you are upset make sure you take a moment to recollect yourself by pulling over and not driving until you feel better. If you are on the phone and a call becomes complex or emotional we strongly recommend that you discontinue the conversation. These calls are distracting and dangerous, and there is nothing that cant wait when you are behind the wheel.
  • Use your phone’s tools to reduce the effort in taking a call. Learn how to use voice dial on your phone and use Bluetooth for calls so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road to make a call.
  • Get your eyes tested regularly to make sure your vision is 100%, and if you require glasses get them. Speaking of eyesight - watch for blind spots! Other motorists are not aware of a truck’s no-go zones so take responsibility to check these spots before an accident happens.
  • Reduce your speed in work zones, and respect the road work speed limits. They are there to protect you!
  • Maintain your truck and check through the vehicles fluid levels, horn and mirrors etc. The brakes of course are vital, particularly considering how much weight is riding on them.
  • Load cargo safely. The higher you stack cargo, the more drag on the truck. If you stack lower and spread the cargo you can stay nimble and improve your fuel economy. Sydney traffic may tempt you to add another load so that you can get more deliveries done in one load, but our recommendation is to stick to the safety limits. Again, your life is not worth the risk!
  • Slow down around corners even if that means going below the speed limit! This is particularly true on exit and entrance ramps, where the risk of tipping over is even higher.
  • And finally - take care of yourself! this includes getting enough exercise, sleep and eating right. It’s not easy with a tough job but it is definitely worth it!

Sydney Drivers, we hope you appreciated these safety tips! We aim to keep you safe by sharing relevant information and by working with the best employers who also value your safety. So if you are looking for a Sydney recruiter that can look after you register at or call 1800DRIVERS NOW!

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