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Things Truck Drivers Should Always Carry With Them

Truck driving jobs come with their own set of problems.  With the job entailing continuous driving, it puts the driver at high risk of accidents. Plus there is also a risk of vehicle breakdown, having to maneuver uncharted roads. Those carrying heavy loads have to drive at night and may have to face poor weather conditions. Considering these factors, truck drivers should always carry these items with them while on job:

  1. Always carry your wallet with you.  In addition to adequate cash, your wallet should also carry your license, IDs, credit cards, registration papers etc.
  2. Tool Box:  Your tool box should be equipped to handle minor repairs and must have essentials such as flashlight, wrench, a pair of gloves, tire pressure gauge etc. Additional equipment would include tire chains to help you in case of snowfall.
  3. First aid kit and medicines: You must carry first aid kit, basic OTC medicines such as pain killers. You certainly don’t want to be rushing from pillar to post in search of a pharmacy in times of need.
  4. Keep your communication tools handy. Your cell phone or CB radio along with all the chords, batteries must be with you at all times.
  5. Be emergency ready: Sturdy shoes and light reflective clothes are a must for truck drivers, especially when you are on night duty. This will help in case you need to step out of the truck in case of emergency. Also keep cones and road flares handy.

While these items may not help you prevent accidents, it will definitely help you manage better in case of an untoward incident.

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