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Truck Driving Careers Are Not For Everyone

To be successful and make good money, you have to work hard and long hours, have strong self-discipline and be comfortable spending a lot of time alone. The truck becomes your home away from home, and if you stick with it you will end up knowing every inch of that truck like the back of your hand.

But if you are independent, adventurous, love variety and a challenge then Truck Driving might be the perfect career for you. Every day is a new adventure and most days you will travel and discover something new about yourself and your country.

So how do you know if you are up for the challenge? Some might say you should try it for a week and see – unfortunately jumping in a truck for a week is not as easy as just hailing a bus!

The great thing about being a truck driver is the sense of freedom and the priceless moments that you get to see by being out on the road. Many drivers visit places right off the tourist map, and meet people they never expected. The only thing is - you don’t always have someone there to share those moments with you.

Not many people realise that without Trucks, Australia stops. You will be responsible for transporting valuable and important cargo and it can feel like a thankless job when faced with rude drivers on the road or tough deadlines for delivery. But between Truck Drivers there is a sense of camaraderie and understanding that what you do is important.

Unfortunately loneliness is one of the hardest parts of being a truck driver. Long hours of driving are only broken up by truck stops where you will have a quick conversation and then get some rest before doing it all again the next day. You don’t have someone there to encourage you the next day or comfort you if you have had a bad day.

And then there are the irregular hours. You often have to work odd jobs, or travel at night or even take routes that might be strange to get to your destination in time. People who love adventure and variety would love this, but if you like the idea of sleeping in your bed every night or clock off at 5pm then truck driving jobs is not for you. But if you are good at adapting to any environment and have good decision making skills to deal with life on the road then this career path might be perfect.

Before you start a career in truck driving you will also need to consider the qualifications required to drive a Truck. First of all, you will need a Light Rigid Drivers Licence or higher to drive most commercial trucks in Australia. seo analysis Before getting one of these licenses you must have one year under your belt with a C class license (and of course without any fines or penalties). private cloud . Also take into consideration how mechanically handy you are, because without an aptitude for mechanics you may find yourself with some expensive repairs or costly towing for a broken truck.

So if you are contemplating a career in Truck Driving read up, talk to people and have a think about how you will handle a Truck Driving career. Like everything that’s challenging, persistence and determination are always rewarding.

And of course don’t forget to consider the salary. According to ABS Census Data, Light to Medium Rigid truck driver can earn between $35,000 and $45,000 each year. Of course, the heavier the truck, the better the salary. According to the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council Heavy Rigid or Combination truck drivers make considerably more, such as between $50,000 and $70,000 each year. Like any industry your salary expectation depends on the years of experience in the industry, safety record and reputation.

So if you are interested in a career as a truck driver why not check out the opportunities available today.

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