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5 Things You Should Keep in Mind While Operating Forklift

5 Things You Should Keep in Mind While Operating Forklift

Forklift truck accidents are one of the most common yet avoidable workplace mishaps in warehouses. These accidents can cause severe injuries and even death in some cases. Operating forklift is not as easy as it looks. Operator should be fully certified and trained to avoid such accidents while driving forklifts. Certification of the operators should be renewed from time to time. If you desire to get one of the forklift jobs read below 5 things to keep in mind while driving forklift :

1. Cloths: it is important that operator wears safety work wear while operating the forklift. Safety wear means hard hat, safety shoes and hi-visibility jacket for forklift drivers jobs in Brisbane. This work wear should be fitted well as loose clothing can get caught in machinery.

2. Equipment inspection: Routine checkups of forklift are necessary before use to maximise forklift safety and proper operation. For forklift jobs daily safety checks should include inspection of brakes, steering, controls, warning devices, mast and tyres. If any kind of fault is observed, it should be reported to shift supervisor immediately and the forklift should be removed from service immediately. Do not use such forklifts until they are repaired.

3. Mind surrounding environment: while operating forklift you should pay attention to surrounding work environment. Operator should check the designated route for any obstacles or hazards before driving and should clear the path from any loose materials on the floor. Check the loading ramps or bridge plates if they can handle combined weight of forklift and load. While driving the forklift be alert when operating near the edge of loading dock or ramp. Keep safe distance from the edge as forklift can fall over the edge. Forklift operator jobs in Brisbane demands you to follow all the worksite rules and regulations while operating forklift. Specially observe signs on maximum permitted floor loading and clearance. Do not drive forklift on oil slicks, water, ice or snow.

4. Load stability: a forklift operator should inspect load for stability and balance before picking it up. Load should be as symmetrical and secure as possible with a low center of gravity. It should be stacked far back on the forks rather than on tips. Do not overload the forklift. Forklift driver job requires you to follow the load capacity mentioned on rating plate to ensure safety.

5. Clear visibility: Maintaining clear visibility is important while driving forklifts on one of the forklift operator jobs. For clear visibility load should be short and carried low to ground. If visibility is restricted, improve visibility by driving the forklift in reverse slowly but don't do this on ramps. Generally visibility is restricted because of corners or high stacks, it is recommended to stop and confirm if is safe in such cases.

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