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Do’s and Dont’s for MR Truck Driver

Do’s and Dont’s for MR Truck Driver

MR truck driver is a person allowed to medium rigid heavy vehicle. A MR truck driver can drive vehicle having 2 axles and gross vehicle mass greater than 8,000 kg. Being a MR truck driver can be a fun occupation or very stressful depending on how you see it. But carelessness is not allowed if you are MR truck driver. Any accident with heavy vehicle poses huge threat to other people on road. It is very important for an MR truck driver to follow some instructions and drive safely on road. Safe driving is always in favour of everyone. Here I give some do’s and dont’s for MR truck driver:


1. Follow the official rules of road while driving on roads to ensure your safety as well as of others. MR driving jobs in Melbourne demands awareness about rules to follow while driving.

2. Drive within speed limits. Driving at maximum speed makes you lose control over vehicle causing accidents. MR driver jobs in Melbourne are offered to those who believe in driving within speed limits.

3. However familiar the area may seem to you, pay attention while driving. Drivers tend to drive recklessly in familiar areas but this overconfidence often proves fatal for them.

4. Be careful near cross-ways when pedestrians cross the road.

5. Give some space for bicycles to drive on road.

6. Pay parking tickets on time

7. Keep a winter survival kit with yourself because truck drivers are mostly driving at night and to survive cold winter nights you should have this kit. This kit should contain blanket, matches, flares, flashlight, food and water. Candidates interested in MR truck driver jobs in Melbourne should know how to survive extreme weathers while driving on roads.

8. Keep a spare tire and working jack in your vehicle.

9. Make sure maintenance of your truck has been carried out before you take it out on roads. Breakdowns at odd times and odd places can be dangerous.


1. Do not drink alcohol and drive. Avoid alcohol consumption if you are looking for MR driving jobs because drinking and driving can put you behind bars.

2. Don't take other drivers on road for granted. Use your turn signals while turning. In order to get a MR truck driver job you should know such basic rules.

3. Don't play radio of your truck so loudly that you miss emergency vehicle sirens or train signals.

4. Don't talk on your cellphone while driving truck. To answer an urgent phone call, pullover at the side of the road, finish it and then start driving.

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