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How to Find the Right Person for MC Truck Driver Jobs

How to Find the Right Person for MC Truck Driver Jobs

Melbourne has one of the busiest inland transportation sectors in Australia. Since the primary port and airport of Melbourne are among the busiest in the country; the transportation and logistics industry is the biggest employment sector in the region. Each year, millions of tons of goods travel into the region for international shipping; while more millions of tons arrive as trade consignments from the world over. Much of this inland transportation is done on large Multi-Combination vehicles capable of transporting several tons on one trip. This is why it is considerably easier for properly qualified professional drivers to find lucrative MC driving jobs in Melbourne compared to other areas of Australia.

Multi-Combination vehicles like road trains are usually used to transport heavy machinery, other vehicles, or large consignments of raw materials for manufacturing units and factories. These trucks often carry very expensive goods, and thus there is a lot of liability involved on these trips. When a transportation company offers MC truck driver jobs in Melbourne, they will carefully screen the drivers and verify their MC class permit before the assignment. Since earning a Multi-Combination permit takes at least 10 years of experience; the company can be confident that their goods are in the right hands. The government bodies in charge of monitoring the trucking industry also enforces regulations to make the roadways safer and the payment and compensation system more standardised for professional truckers.

Large corporations and multinational logistics companies also transport a lot of goods using large Multi-Combination vehicles. These drivers are usually hired directly under the payroll of their employer, and not on a contractual basis. Since MC driving jobs in Melbourne usually pay on the higher end of the scale; only a handful ever get hired in permanent positions. However, this is actually to the benefit of the truckers. By the time a professional trucker earns their MC class permit; they usually take out government sanctioned loans and purchase their own trucks. Independent contracts pay substantially more than a salary profile; and there is the additional advantage of working on your own time, and a degree of professional freedom.

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