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Important Tips for a Person Wanting HC Truck Driver Jobs in Sydney

Important Tips for a Person Wanting HC Truck Driver Jobs in Sydney

A Heavy Combination vehicle is often called a "Semi" or "Single" in Australia, and it is one of the most common types of heavy class commercial trucks on the road. While the Multi Combination trucks may be larger, HC vehicles by far outnumber other truck classes. HC driver jobs in Sydney, Melbourne, or other cities in Australia are under the jurisdiction of very specialised regulations and mandates set by the government authorities. This is why the road transportation industry is so well developed and carefully monitored in Australia.

HC jobs in Sydney may come from any one of the major industrial sectors -

(a) Maritime Shipping (Containers)

(b) Air Cargo (Lighter Freight)

(c) Automobile and Heavy Machinery Industries

(d) Mining and Refineries

(e) Infrastructure Development and Supply

(f) Other Manufacturing and Assembly Plants

While there is a lot of demand for professional drivers with the right amount of experience and proper training; it is important to note that it is not easy to get HC truck driving jobs in Sydney. Even for people holding a proper HC Class permit, the selection process is extremely tough. Each driver has to prove their knowledge of the routes they will be travelling on, the particulars related to the consignment they are hauling, as well as a general understanding of trucking culture Down Under. Since the trucking industry is so vital to the Australian economy; well paying blue collar job profiles like HC jobs in Australia are not easy to come by.

HC truck driver jobs are usually either independent contracts, or direct payroll employment under an employer. However, since HC drivers are usually professionally experienced for nearly 10 years in the industry, most prefer independent contracts that pay more than permanent positions. Many HC truckers drive their own vehicles, and haul cargo for a client on a contractual basis. This offers them the freedom to work on their own clock, and the opportunity to find better paying contracts and lucrative assignments. HC truck driving jobs in Sydney may be a good way to earn a living, but the industry is tough as nails. The competition is intense for well paying assignments, and many companies prefer to hire the drivers they have worked with earlier rather than hire someone new.

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